The outspread of the COVID 19 pandemic, followed by the months of the lockdown of shops, business and markets have made 2020 quite the year of doom and loss. People across the country were caught off-guard with economic burdens and a hiatus on life as one knows. This sudden change has urged people to re-evaluate their lifestyle choices and rebuild a new-normal life. Now as the lockdown is slowly lifting in its pace, and the markets have finally reopened. We are experiencing a surprising surge in various sectors, like the real estate market. The reasons behind this surge are directly associated with the current global scenario and create a silver lining for all prospective home-buyers in Maharashtra.

Here’s How!

The Lockdown & its Aftermath-

Every situation in life has the polarity of both good and bad. The lockdown certainly did take us on a life-altering path. Our homes are the true safety-nets that protected us during this pandemic. But let’s be honest, living in confined homes with all family members around and no space for privacy or solitude. The instability of living in a rented apartment in this economically challenging period. As well as other such contributing factors have encouraged people to look for bigger and better lifestyle avenues.

Luxury apartments like the ready to move-in homes in Castel Royale Excellente, located at Bhosale Nagar offer a lifestyle of ease, comfort, and elegance. They nurture a liberating environment that encourages the free flow of living with key-amenities that weave a life of delight within the gated community. The demand for such lifestyle apartments is now at an all-time high owing to the lockdown. Surveys show a striking increase in buyer demand with a steady 15% increase in home-shopping and research.

Economic Advantages for Home Buyers-

The slice of stamp duty rates has reduced home prices and made it an approachable asset. The government of Maharashtra has reduced stamp duty to 2% until the end of this year. Home loan interests have touched bottom marking 2020 as the lowest in almost 15 years. This is a phenomenal break-point advantage for home-buyers looking to invest in premium property in Pune.
Adding the cherry on the cake are the estate agents of the property market. By offering various No GST, flexible payment plans and other such benefits for prospective home buyers. The real estate markets experiencing surge.

The flooding housing market demand is the perfect opportunity to register and begin the new-normal life on your terms. Grab the chance to live in your ready to move-in dream luxury apartments in Maharashtra. Build a life of comfort and unmatched luxury in spaces like Castel Royale Excellente.

The time to dwell your dream is by purchasing it now.