In a growing cosmopolitan like Pune, the word “luxury” is as subjective as your opinion on the best local food, to each is their own.

One person’s comfort can be another’s luxury, so what is it that truly marks as luxury living in Pune?

The ever-changing city invites trends from all over the world that becomes an aspirational dream to many. For most people, it’s not just about residing in a 4 BHK luxury apartment in Pune characterized by its courteous concierge and other plush amenities, but more about the exhilarating lifestyle that the city promises.

  • Night Life

    Pune, being the centre for India’s youth and IT professionals has boomed up the social life and it is a luxury not many cities provide. It is constantly roaring with 24/7 cafes and eat-outs to premium nightclubs that makes Pune a city, always wide awake. There is something for everyone that gives you the luxury buffet of mesmerizing experiences for a lifetime.

  • Fine Dining

    This city gives you the luxury of experiencing flavours from every corner of the world. The ‘Fine Dine’ spaces take your palate on an enriching culinary experience that no other city in India can provide. Encompassing some of the globally acknowledged spaces that take fine dining a step further.

  • Connectivity

    Revel the luxury of time when you call a city like Pune your abode. The excellent connectivity through ‘roadways’ and the upcoming ‘Metro’ ensures that you never miss an important moment in life. You will find the best of everything life has to offer within a short radius from you.

  • Lavish Rides

    When you speak about a luxurious lifestyle, the top-notch cars and the rare masterpieces are what you find in the riveting spaces of Pune.

    When you have ample parking space and A-class security in gated communities like Castel Royale Towers, you’ll find an elevated site of luxurious living.

  • Sophistication in Leisure

    This city uplifts your leisurely pursuits by providing you with a host of opportunities to blend with minds alike. The prestigious racecourse, exquisite Golf course and various exclusive clubs around the city are the epitome of luxury living.

  • Healthy Living

    Far apart from the overcrowded metropolis, Luxurious Homes in Pune offer you something no other metropolitan can! Known for its greenscape and refreshing scenic horizons, it gives you a breath of freshness each day.