Green Is the New Gold

Your living space is a statement that speaks volumes about you and your style.
The days for all things gold and shiny are long gone. Now is the time to revive your living space to give it a contemporary finish with a fresh touch of Green.
These are a list of trends that are taking luxury homes in Pune by a storm.

Indoor Gardening – Indoor gardens are the next ‘it’ thing. They not only establish a creative space in your apartment but also is a mesmerizing sight to stop & take in. There are a few basic things you have to keep in mind so that you find the perfect area to create your green heaven.

Sunlight – Fruiting & Flower plants require a good amount of exposure to sunlight to bloom. In case you want to create it in a space which does not receive a lot of light, choose plants that grow in such conditions.

Soil – A plant gets its nutrients from the soil. Since they are going to be potted, ensure that you buy the right kind of soil to support the growth of your plants.

Water – The basic thing that any living being requires is water. Keep an outlet for easy access to water.

Air – Plants also depend on air for growth the spot should be well ventilated to keep the buds blooming.

You can grow potted trees, herbs, tomatoes, salad greens, aromatic flowers in your indoor garden and create a scenic little escapade within your apartment.

Bathroom Plants – To liven a dull space like a bathroom, plants are the best answer. They create a pleasant ambience to enjoy those moments alone with yourself. However, choose your plants very carefully as all cannot thrive in such an environment.
These are some of the plants that you could consider – Snake Plants, Aloe Vera, Ferns, Orchids, Bromeliads, Bamboo etc.

Vertical Gardens – A vertical garden is an innovative way to contemporize your living space with a touch of Greenery. They promote a natural airflow in the apartment. Vertical Gardens are a good way of filling up a blank space on the wall.

Fusion – Any plant that you choose can elevate the entire look of the apartment based on the type of place it is planted in, the size of the plant & its shape.
Bizzare locations, Innovative pots & Sizes to grow plants can be infused in your plan to up your game and give your apartment a contemporary fusion.

Using plants to design & redecorate, even a 4 bhk luxury apartment in Pune can be a challenge. Considering that the contemporary designs demand a minimalist, clean and simple presence. Natural decors like plants, on the other hand, can be unbound and chaotic.
It is then a necessity to strike a balance with the overall design, ensuring it accessorize your apartment and adds just the breath of freshness that it requires.