It is the festival of lights and the season for grand beginnings!
Diwali is celebrated across India as an auspicious period, of the triumph of good over evil. The tradition of buying gold, electronics and properties this season and making new purchases is said to bring luck and also invite abundant wealth with the presence of Goddess Laxmi at home. We rightly witness a surge in purchasing of properties by home buyers to real estate investors in this period.

Even though households in India are deeply rooted in these traditions, purchasing or investing in property during Diwali has more to do with the market and their offerings. Small scale vendors to big real estate organisations offer sparkling offers, exclusively during this festive season.

They create a competitive market with savings for prospective home buyers. To know more, let’s look at the top five practical reasons to buy a property this Diwali.

1. Sparkling Offers

Diwali is the best time to invest in your dream property. Real estate organisations like even the ABIL Group offer exciting savings, tax exemptions schemes and benefits to create the ideal opportunity for you to own your dream home.

2. Grand Launches

Rooting from our culture and traditions, business owners and real estate tycoons see Diwali as an auspicious time to introduce new projects in the market. Opening a world of opportunities for buying a home. So, if you’ve been looking out for luxury properties in Pune, you’ll find many new projects blooming and new phases beginning for properties across the country.

3. Low-Interest Rates

In light of the pandemic and the declining market, the government has reduced stamp duty rates, lowered the interest on home loans and provided such benefits that are bound to create a market demand for homebuyers onlooking for premium properties in Pune and other cities.

4. The onus on Diwali Bonus!

Working professionals receive a hefty bonus, impressive appraisals during this time around. An influx of income, an aspiration to buy property, alluring benefits and the essence of celebrations and new beginnings in the air have made buying a property during this period an all savings plan.

5. The Ripple Effect

The current global scenario & the condition of the Indian economy has deemed a beneficial market for middle-class homebuyers in India and NRIs investors. With all the adjacent schemes the period for a good beginning and government schemes, Diwali is going to be the time for a boost in real estate. So, if you don’t want to miss out on living in your dream apartment like the ultra-premium residents at Bhosale Nagar—Castel Royale Excellente. The chance to own your dream home is now, with an investment in real estate this Diwali.