A child that never grows, but teaches you to bloom, to be more generous, compassionate, and benign, this is the relation of any animal with humankind.’

Animal lovers often introduce a new member into their family, specifically when the apartment is a bespoke and capacious living space as seen in Castel Royale. When a newborn is on its way we plan, prepare and sweat to make every inch of our homes and surrounding secured. Pets have become the new irreplaceable babies for many families and it is with the same precaution that these beings need to be cared for.

Follow these Tips and tricks to create a safe space for your fur babies, fledglings & aquatic tots.

1. Safety

Ensure that all electrical wiring, medication, hazardous items, and food products are placed out of reach from your pets. This will keep the health of your babies as well as the pet – family in check.

  • The wiring and cables can be kept out of sight by using creative tactics like mounting them inside drawers or shelves to hide them and make your luxury homes appear tidy and wire-free.
  • A latch could be added to the medicine cabinet.
  • Packaged food products and other tit-bits should be placed in drawers or enclosed shelves that are not accessible for them.
  • Make use of products that will not harm your pets such as organic floor cleaners.
2. Enclosure

When you won’t be locking or tying your children, don’t do it to your pets! It is very important for your pets to be free and have movement in their house to create an active, pet-friendly environment. But hey, there are some things you can do to give them a sense of freedom, which you know is guarded.

  • Allocate space for them like their own room. Furnish it with their toys, bedding, blanket and water bowl.
  • Many apartments in cities like Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Mumbai have huge verandas or terrace, fence your walls and grill the windows. If there is a small pet such as a cat use a net to cover the bars of the windows as they can easily fit through them.
  • Keep the toilet lids down as many of our paw-babies love to explore their surroundings.
  • Cover the bins and place them in enclosures.

Enclose things, not pets!

3. Accessibility

Build a pet door through which they can easily move about – in and out. Nobody likes getting locked out or worse locked in! Make their space accessible to them. This will also prevent your furniture from getting scratch marks and paw marks.

  • Create a spot for them to do their Pee’s & poo’s and keep that space accessible to them.
  • Build a doggy door so your pets have access in and out of the doors.
4. Plants

Many plants act as poison for your pets, research on the type of plants that are safe for your pets and then grow them accordingly. When you choose to keep a plant that may not suit your pet, place them in spots that are not close to them.

  • Choice plants that can grow without loose soil.
  • Choose your planters thoughtfully, let it be strong enough so it can’t be rolled over or toppled down easily.
5. Hygiene

A pet-friendly space does not just demand a clean and safe surrounding, but also for extra care when it comes to their personal hygiene.

  • Invest in the right pet product do not experiment.
  • Vet-check every few months.
  • Groom and Clean your pets every week.
  • Clean the area where they normally go to do their business; keep it away from their play area.

Metropolitan Cities like Pune is home to many pet families and with large homes that offer large open terraces. When space constraints vanish, your fur babies will be happier than ever.

If this is the first pet you’re bringing home, always remember; they are a part of your family and are indispensable, there will be mistakes made, and objects which will be broken but moreover, there will be memories full of joy, fun, and laughter.
A pet is a life-long commitment of caring, loving and parenting the humble babies we call animals.