“A blank canvas is when creativity splurges.”
‘Home’ is a feeling, which is created with different shades of you. The beginning from a semi-furnished space to bespoke living spaces, the magic spell is always you. Your philosophy, desire and imagination holistically manifest itself which transforms any 4 walls into lifestyle apartments. Every detail while decorating the living room, bedrooms, balconies and even the bathrooms are minutely pondered over, however, an important area, your dining room is often neglected. The dining room is the space where your family, friends and other guests rekindle the human connection being away from any technology – television, phones and laptops to enjoy healthy soul-filled conversations and hearty meals. It is, therefore, essential to create the right ambience to perpetuate such a positive energy flow.

Here are the top 5 things you can do right now to your dining room and immediately elevate its magnificence.

1. Lighting

If you notice any luxury apartments in Indian cities like Pune, Mumbai and Delhi; what distinguishes them from others is the lighting. It is of utmost importance to create a balance of light and shadows to create the right vibe as per your taste. Dimmers can be installed to customize the lighting as per the desired atmosphere. Hanging chandeliers or track lights over the table tops make for a cosy and intimate ambience. The minimalistic way to change the ambience is to add a few subtly scented candles to the room. You can see your simple room transform into a cosy scene right out of the movies.

2. Rug

Rugs are like the combination of, ‘fancy footwear with a simple dress’ it transforms its entire essence. Choose a rug in accordance with the colour pallet of the room and the furniture.
Quick tip – If the colour is warm, use a dark coloured rug and if it is dark, use a neutral one to uplift the room.

3. Floral Arrangement

Many Pune homes use imitation flower arrangement in the living area. This idea can be slightly modified by taking the flower arrangement to the dining room with a bouquet of freshly cut technicolour flowers. They can be arranged in a vintage vase and placed on the tabletop or in the corners of the room. If it is a windowless room, a bonsai or small indoor plants can be placed strategically to have a breath of freshness continuously surround you.

4. A Creative Art Piece

In a monochromatic space adding the right amount of colour can revamp the entire dining room. One can mount a colourful artwork on the blank wall of the room, stick a contrasting or patterned wallpaper on one of the walls or make use of different artistic objects such as murals, mirrors or sculptures to deck a section of the area.

5. The Furniture and Spacing

Ensure that no form of electronic devices are kept within the vicinity to cherish each moment that you spend in the room filling it with laughter, fun and conversations. It is of importance that the chairs are very comfortable and well cushioned as there are innumerable times when the plate is empty but the conversations keep on flowing. The furniture should be placed in a manner which is not overcrowded. You can perk up the decor by using contrast coloured chairs on either head. The cutlery also plays a crucial role in this transition. One should upgrade to a sleek and tasteful alternative and set the table in a poised manner in accordance with the dinner etiquettes.

Follow even a few of these easy steps and see a smooth transition of your dining room from a house to a styled home.

– Explore your imagination and let your creativity flow just once and then you can have an enthralling experience and enjoy the fruit of your creative each day.

– Whether it is to deck-up your dining room or transform a living room, it always helps to have lots of space to work on. Choose grand spaces that immediately lifts the level of sophistication. A home at a place like Bhosale Nagar in Pune with pristine views and opulent ambience of a project like Castel Royale Towers, hardly needs any upgrade. Doesn’t mean you can’t get it thought, right?