The kitchen is one place in our homes where we often end up chatting with family and friends, surrounded by mouth-watering food, while we bond over sips of warm coffee. Thanks to compelling and expanding trends and technologies, you no longer need to toil behind the kitchen bars to prepare delicacies while guests sit around the dining table outside and wait for you. But, do spare a thought to your kitchen styling too; leaving the styling of your kitchen unattended is somehow sinful. So, we have come up with some of the latest kitchen trends to give your kitchen a chic veneer, and make cooking fun and interesting. All you need is some creativity and know-how of the latest trends, which you can inculcate in your kitchen décor in a manner that your revamped kitchen does not become an eye-sore over the years.

Cabinets- Declutter in Style

Cabinets are the most essential and prominent part of any kitchen and cannot go unnoticed and have the capability to transform your kitchen from traditional to modern and classic to timeless. Some classic cabinet colors which never go out of style are gray and white, that is if you want to stick to the basics and yet at the same time make your kitchen reflect class and sublimity. Also, you can choose colorful cabinets to lift up the energy of your kitchen, but make sure you select other essentials which complement the color of cabinets. To give your kitchen a rustic look, you may install heavy grained wood cabinets and increase its aesthetic appeal. Natural wood cabinets tend to sprawl peace and hominess. But, if you want your kitchen to be modern and striking, you can always opt for metal cabinets. You can also experiment with chalk paints and color your cabinets to give your kitchen a distressed farmhouse look. So, select from a pool of options for your kitchen cabinets and get set to transform the place you are going to spend a lot of time in.

Touch of Technology

Make your home smart, and kitchen smarter because it is always good to have a helping hand. Latest technology has made our lives easier and carved its special place in our kitchens as well. Devices like built-in refrigerators and ovens, induction cooktops, automatic dishwashers etc. have made our lives easier and we cannot be more thankful to the magic of technology especially since everything is either automatic or connected through Wi-Fi. Heat the food up in the microwave or order grocery items which are about to run out, just at the touch of a button, while you are in some other corner of the house, or out shopping. Also, you can jazz your kitchen up by installing a TV which extends into the countertop just at a click, which will let you catch up on your favorite show while cooking and will retract when the family is all you need to be concentrating on.

Fancy Countertops

Having a clean and innovative countertop is a great start to preparing a delicious meal and who would not want a kitchen that makes a statement? Graphite, sandstone, quartz, copper, or wood; you can have any countertop and pair it up with a perfect backdrop of wall paintings or detailed design tiles of various textures, colors, and patterns to create your own show stopper. Moreover, you no longer need to restrict yourself to a type of material. You can freely go about using two materials like natural wood and Calacatta marble, where both serve different purposes. Apart from the countertop material the shape and design innovations soar high to match your idea of a perfect kitchen. You can have a U-shaped countertop or various countertops of different heights to suit your level of comfort, and feel free to let your guests in while you cook.  Incorporate these ideas and you will fall in love with your new kitchen.

Keep it Lit

While working in the kitchen, it is important to have sufficient light to cook food and read recipe books, and it is also important to place the lights perfectly so as not to cast any shadow on the focused object. But the kitchen these days has become so much more than merely the food preparing zone. In fact, it has become the prime house party area in our living spaces since everyone gathers here clinking glasses, tasting different wines and cracking jokes. So, why not make your kitchen the center of admiration and get some fancy, ambient mood lights? Begin with recessed lights to have the right amount of lighting all over your kitchen. Do not forget the under-cabinet lights which are smartly mounted to not shine directly into one’s eyes and are directed towards the kitchen slabs. Lights suspended above the island countertops make the kitchen look strikingly opulent. Moreover, you can use fluorescent fixtures or ceiling lights to add accent to your kitchen. So, prep up, and keep it lit.

…And Green

Want to make your kitchen look fresh and lively? Why not get nature inside it? Yes, greenery can always keep one relaxed and one’s body refreshed. How about placing some beautiful and intricately designed pots with some herbs on the countertops or by the window? Keep plants in your kitchen to stay revived, active and positive, after all what can be better than having a small garden in your kitchen? Moreover, green has been declared the color of the year 2017 by Pantone. So, match up your eclectic kitchen styling trends with nature and go green.

Dive into the ocean of trending kitchen décor ideas and get set to remodel your kitchen because cooking is supposed to be fun and not a pain.