The stimulating presence of age-old tradition and a refreshing suggestion of modernity – Pune is easily a final destination for people who prefer exclusivity. In the past decade, Pune has overhauled the metropolitan cities in terms of an ever-improving lifestyle. It displays an ideal blend of heritage and modernity. Hence, it has become one of the most desired cities in India. Pune offers modern environs along with a calm and composed life away from the chaos and this has made Pune the first choice of people including the elite. The increasing demand has led to a development of many luxury residential projects in Pune that easily succeed in meeting the requirements of people seeking extraordinary homes.

There are many factors that attract a huge population to Pune, out of which many decide to settle down here. Mumbai is one of the most coveted cities to live in due to its expansion, opportunities and modernity, but the factor that holds many back is Mumbai’s insanely increasing population. Mumbai’s population, as recorded in 2018, is approximately 1.3 crores and there is no end to the daunting rate of increment. In contrast to this, Pune enjoys the
benefits similar to Mumbai and is a better choice looking at the population. As recorded in 2018, Pune has a population of roughly 30 lakhs. This makes it less crowded and more desirable. The active interest of select groups has made it easy to find 3/4 BHK luxury apartments in Pune and that too at unbelievably fair prices. Also, luxury homes in Pune are extremely spacious as compared to the ones in top cities that are built with 4 bedrooms cramped in the space of a 2 BHK apartment.

Apart from the space-oriented development of Pune’s luxury homes, the population prefers this city for many factors, one of them being the quality education. Pune is called the Oxford of the east. It embodies a good number of top-notch educational institutes that make many aspirants flock down to Pune. It has more deemed educational institutes than any other city that comes to mind. This makes Pune a great melange of various cultures and trends.

The IT hub in Pune is another remarkable reason that everyone including the elite choose this city as their home. It has over 110 MNCs such as WIPRO, Volkswagen, TCS, Infosys and many more, and the development of many stunning IT Parks in Pune is certainly enticing. In the 90s, the city looked like an ideal one for people ready to retire, but with the expansion of education and IT industry, it has picked up an astonishingly perfect pace where you are
neither hustling nor crawling. And to no surprise, the development of luxury homes in Pune has picked up pace too. The major and the most reliable luxury residential projects in Pune are towered by renowned real estate groups such as ABIL Group, Clover Builders and Clover Realty which have taken the meaning of luxury in Pune to another level.

Excellent education, expanding IT industry, appealing traditions and culture, lip-smacking food, and sights to behold – the reasons of choosing Pune over any other city are infinite. Comment down below and tell us the reason you love Pune the most.