Diwali is that time of the year when we put our earnest efforts in decking up our houses and making them look no less than the venue of a soiree. And, since it’s the festival of light, a triumph of good over evil, prosperity and renewal, we tend to decorate our houses anew and lend them a streak of luck. Unfortunately, often we end up squandering nature, with the excessive use of fireworks. Every year, we come up with ideas to spruce up our homes with extravagant embellishments to invoke the zeal of the festive season in every nook and corner of the house. But this year, painting the walls with strokes of the hues of nature and filling your home with exuberance of the festivities, should be an unmissable task. As the walls speak volumes in defining the aura of the house, why not paint them in the most elegant and warm colours, and at the same time bring out the devout environmentalist in you while adding to the aesthetics of your home and making it look even more opulent!


Walls with hues of your Nature

It has been scientifically proven that colours can alter the way a human being thinks and also uplift the mood. And, what would be better than surrounding yourself with the hues of positivity and motivation?

We’ve come up with some trending colours of 2017 which best suit the necessity of warmth, calmness, love for nature, and at the same time notch up the sublimity.

Yellow- Green

It has been chosen as the colour of 2017 by Pantone, a corporation in New Jersey, USA, that makes the Pantone Matching System Colour Guides, and symbolises Renewal. This tangy yellow-green colour is known to flourish the desires of cleansing and reinvention. And, this time of the year marks the beginning of new ventures with zest and fervour. Green being the colour of calm, peace and nature, strongly corresponds to the tranquillity of the inner self. This colour of nature also promotes the idea of celebrating the festival dispelling the use of fireworks and hence, to make your celebrations environment friendly. Moreover, it lends the walls a chic look, creating a luxurious haven for you. So, embark on the new journey with the bliss and nonchalance of this colour.

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Niagara Blue

Symbolisation of trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven is the reason for the prevailing use of the Niagara Blue in homes and offices. It stimulates the relaxation of self and fosters the ease of looking at things differently. This colour creates a statement without being too loud and instantly grabs attention at the first glance. It encompasses modern elegance, and the relevance of the water element of earth, converging to the need of saving the environment. The beauty and finesse can be enhanced even further with contemporary or modern furniture complimenting the regal finish of the walls. You can also make your walls look striking, by contrasting them with metallic colours or crisp white. So, this Diwali, let your walls radiate the flair and depth, with the calmness of water.

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Corlsbud Canyon

Corlsbud Canyon is a shade of orange which personifies strength, power and determination’ it is after all the colour of the fire element of earth. As, the festival of lights is around the corner, what better colour to brighten up your home than this one and lend it a sophisticated and intimate feel, exemplifying the radiance of courage, power and victory? Also, the flame of colourful diyas in accord with this colour of fire would create a sanctified ambience, which is an indispensable need to welcome the deity home. You can also paint your walls with this colour in contrast with ivory, brown and black for a suave classical look. So, pick up this earthy shade of orange, to spark up the zest of the festivities and light lamps and diyas to make your home a stellar beauty, enveloped by a the coat of sheer luxury and elegance.

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Yellow is the colour of enlightenment, honour, intellect, and optimism. And this is also the colour of the air element of earth. The sombre shade of yellow brings about solace and creativity which would not only reflect in your personality but would also add to the grandeur of your living space. This bright and fervent colour would easily become the charm of festivities, leaving you with the serenity of the spring and cosiness of the winter.

The beaming shade of yellow can be used to paint large accent walls. Add a dash of drama against this backdrop with some classic furniture, like an upholstered sofa with silk sofa rugs of complimenting colours, and turn up the indulgent quotient. Choose the right shade of yellow and illuminate spirituality this Diwali.


Paint your walls with hues of positivity and celebrate the gifts of nature every day. Reduce the use of fireworks and make your décor stand out with ritzy and intricate lamps, with walls the colour of nature.