There is certainly not a day when we forget checking up on our emails, not a day when we forget checking our calendar for upcoming meetings and other commitments. Be it a weekday, or a weekend, we can never completely ignore work and relax. It is intelligible that work needs to be our priority, to be able to foster a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. But, sometimes we become so engrossed in fixing meetings and fulfilling our work commitments, that we totally forget that our mind and body need a breather.  It is almost impossible to take a break from the responsibilities. But, presiding over your schedule that incorporates personal respite is also of paramount importance. However, having everything En masse becomes a tough routine to comply to. So, we are listing a few amenities that are must-haves, which would not only perk up your luxury lifestyle, but would also afford you a peaceful and content existence.


Sports Courts

When the entire day flies by reading files, and meeting up with clients, then a good game of tennis or squash is something that would definitely lift up the spirit. A home with amenities such as a Badminton Court, a Tennis Court, and a Squash Court, is a dream home for anybody who concentrates on maintaining an equilibrium between their professional and personal life. Additionally, taking some time out for sports regulates physical as well as mental health, since our bodies were never designed to adapt to less or no physical activities, and yet stay healthy. So, play to win or to seek a daily dose of exercise, such amenities ensure that you emerge as a winner.


Games room

To loosen up, we sometimes need to indulge in an activity that is entertaining and appeasing, for both, us and our family. Planning for a great get together with old friends, or wishing to spend some quality time with family? A games room with interesting board games, table tennis, and billiards table, promises a convivial gathering. Putting your mind to ease, every once in a while, lets one thrive in every aspect of life. So, ditch your electronics, invite old friends home, dedicate some time to friends and family, and feel more at home with such excellent amenities, because your happiness is first and foremost.



Getting up early to hit the gym, while your phone keeps reminding you of a scheduled meeting, is daunting. But work pressures and receding health can be equally alarming. Driving long distances to make it to the gym is something not everyone can manage, since we stay caught up in other important activities. No one can say no to a private workout in their own comfort zone. So, a full-fledged Gymnasium at home is an amenity which we cannot afford to exclude. Moreover, having a Gymnasium at home would be perfect if one always has a bunch of excuses to not be able to make it to the gym.


Swimming Pool

Whether it’s a hot sunny day or breezy morning, sitting by a squeaky-clean swimming pool at your own home is an unparalleled delight. A swimming pool for both adults and kids is a must-have. Think of all the healthy mornings, when you take a dive, with the sun beaming above you, and kids splashing water on each other and enjoying holidays. A swimming pool is the best thing we can think of, when it comes to a fun amenity that binds the family together. Moreover, water corresponds to serenity. So, reading a book by the pool with a warm cup of coffee, is the perfect idea of a date with your own self.


Steam, Sauna and Meditation Facility

With the hubbub of everyday life, we often forget taking a break to soothe the tense nerves of our body. And for the composure, we so well deserve, a steam and sauna facility are a perfect fix. Every once in a while, we should try to loosen up a bit, and pamper our senses. A tranquil meditation and yoga area where you can buy some time only for yourself, helps you align your senses with your identity and transcend the chaos to step into calmness.



Choose such ultra-luxurious amenities so that no matter how restless you sometimes feel, you can always come back home to happiness. At Castel Royale, by the Pune based ABIL Group, community living and a fulfilled lifestyle take a whole new meaning. Here, amidst lush green environs of Castel Royale, lies the perfect gift of these lifestyle amenities that help you make health your priority; to let you relax; to let you thrive, and compete with yourself.