A sign of a healthy community lies in the cheerful faces of its people.

Imagine spending your life within the confinement of your restricted apartment.

No view of the skyline, just concrete jungle surrounds, no verdant spaces for a breath of freshness, nor any space for children to play around; sounds suffocating, right? However, it is a reality for many who live in homes without thoughtfully assessing the importance of open spaces.

Open spaces mean double the fun, ample privacy, and picturesque views!

Balancing work, fitness, leisure, and entertainment in your life is pivotal for your wellbeing. This is why you need to always aim high while deciding a space that will, in the long-run, shape your life. Open spaces contribute to an elevated lifestyle and a fun-filled life. When you’re in search of an ideal apartment, assess all the features of the property, amenities, open spaces, neighborhoods, and also, the value the gated community will add to your life. Carefully choose your outdoors, always, to live a lifestyle of perpetual joy.

Many luxury projects in Pune and other metropolitan cities, offer 20 + club class amenities to craft an environment full of fun outdoor activities for a jovial stay.

But what is your definition of outdoor fun activities?
Whether it’s playing sports, investing in your well being, nurturing your hobbies, or indulging in outdoor arts and crafts.
Most premium apartments like Castel Royale offer ample space and amenities, to experience and explore, all of the above.

Now, are you wondering if your apartment prioritizes the importance of open spaces?
Here is a checklist of how most luxury apartments in Pune are mindful of open spaces while crafting the perfect abode for your comfort.

1. A Bundle of Joyful Key Amenities –

For Health:

  • Gymnasium
  • Yoga Area
  • Open Area to Walk/Jog
  • Steam Room

For Sports:

  • Badminton Court
  • Swimming Pool
  • Table Tennis
  • Billiards Table

For Entertainment:

  • Board Games Room
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Banquet Halls
2. Thoughtfully Designed Spaces-

The structure of the building, the layout of the apartment, and the design of common areas reflect the usage of space. These attributes also contribute to the openness that elevates lifestyle. A thoughtfully designed building has high open space to construction ratio, huge ventilated apartments, and ample open space in common areas, like the lobby. With this, you get the privacy and freedom you truly deserve.

3. Verdant Neighbourhood

Your neighborhood is a life-long companion. Invest in a space where the natural
bounty adds to the beauty of your life.

Many luxury projects in Pune, design homes that elevate your lifestyle. They mindfully craft the outdoors, with a guarantee to have exhilarating days, for a lifetime.