What is Minimalism?

As we get to the middle of 2019, the concept “Less is more” seems to rule the roost. Ornate and ostentatious has slowly given way to uncluttered and Spartan. “Minimalism” is a buzzword that has latched itself to all spheres of life, and is now in vogue in the Interior designing parlances. Minimalism is not about empty spaces. It is not a “tabula rasa” when it comes to defining interiors. Minimalism is a very purposeful approach towards curating and handpicking the things that we desire and de-cluttering everything else that distracts us from these. This approach places high impetus on opening our senses to the experiential stimuli and perceptions that surround us, rather than having a blinkered and hindered approach due to excess of possessions.

Why is Minimalism so much in vogue?

Minimalism not only renders a great spacious ambiance to the place, but it also has several utilitarian benefits to its credit. A clean and orderly place is known to be a catalyst in keeping us happy and healthy. There is no fuming and fretting over the misplaced Mont Blanc pen, or your prized Swarovski earrings. Castle Royale takes delight in crafting spaces that are streamlined and designated for that one purpose without all those “bells and whistles” we have got so accustomed to, this helps to create a seamlessly fluid and relaxing environment. Another obvious benefit is – Minimalistic architecture helps to augment the space, rendering it a sprawling laidback feel.

The “How to” of Minimalism

Crafting design elements high on functionality in the most optimum way possible is a key to Minimalistic interiors. For example, a makeshift wall can double up as a book-shelf or a concealed space for storing things. Also using a minimum number of color permutations fosters a tranquil and an idyllic ambiance. Monochromatic variants of any color work the best in such a space.
Castel Royale Towers endeavors to stay true to the ethos of a Minimalistic zeitgeist, thus creating a haven that is spacious and conducive to a more holistic and sublime sensory experience. An experience that is Spartan and exalted at the same time.

Tips for happy Minimalism

1. Do away with unused stuff- Take stock of obsolete things in the house and do away with them pronto. This will open up space and breathe more life into your room.
2. Right-size your furniture- Do a reconnaissance of all the furniture in your home. Say goodbye to that solitary wicker chair lying in the corner. Sell off your bookshelf, if it is too large and mostly empty; replace it with a size that is just right to create a “full house”.
3. Go low on those colours – Take a count of all the hues that embellish your room, eliminate colours that don’t fit into the larger color blend of the place, simplify it to two or three colours.
4. Be function centric- Be wary of falling into the “overdone” trap. Question what role a particular piece of furniture or those fancy light fixtures play in the whole scheme of things. Are they adding value or quite the contrary?

Minimalistic Interiors at Castel Royale Towers

Pune is a hot destination on the global map and is a melting pot to nouveau ideas when it comes to art and architecture. Castel Royale Towers has imbibed and adapted Minimalistic philosophies that define and shape the milieu of contemporary opulence. They believe in creating spaces that spell exceptional functional design without compromising on the aesthetics of simple living. Doing away with clutter and other extraneous objects is a hallmark of minimalistic interiors. Castel Royale Towers emphasizes on such experiential simplicity that helps to keep the focus on the function and purpose of the space and on the unassuming beauty of its carefully selected furnishings.

In a nutshell –

Minimalism is an intentional way of creating a clutter-free environment by focusing on what is important, functionally value adding, and soothing to the senses. It is that rubric where meticulously crafted simplicity meets self-actualizing experience. Castel Royale Towers believes in adherence to this simplistic, Zen-like way of life, a Spartan design with a promise of sensory opulence. Truly subscribing to the adage “Less is more”