We are running at a pace to live life luxuriously; competing to not come up as the best, but to disturb the balance of nature while nature stares at us, with its green receding slowly. Thankfully, there are many who choose luxury commingled with the idea of going green. Over the past decade, a storm of nature-inspired home décor trends has populated our homes with ideas of chemical-free paint, flooring, furnishing and almost everything, which won’t cost the earth. The breadth of view aims to foster luxury, which is intangible. Because great family time, and unfathomed love and memories are what we live for.

Thanks to Pantone’s color of the year 2017, inspired by the beauty of the nature and the need to preserve it, the ‘go green’ movement has reached its crescendo this year. Recent and trending reports claim that over 30% home builders today are incorporating ‘green’ projects in their work, which also complements the need for people these days to stay closely woven into the lap of nature. People prefer verdant views of lushness and lakes rather than intimidating skyscrapers. There is no lie in saying that greenery and the hues of nature tap into the need of taking time off the modern lifestyle to stop and breathe, and we could not be more thankful.

Giving your interior décor a chic outdoorsy look by planting indoor plants, using florals, and furniture with natural finishes and rough edges give your homes a luxury and quirky finesse. And we have listed below more home décor ideas for you to thank nature and gift yourself the perfect lifestyle that unfurls your love for nature.


Luxe Gallery Fashionista Walk-In

A luxury walk in closet is like a piece of heaven when you have a great taste of clothes and contemporary accessories. And who would say no to a chic, ever-evolving luxury walk in closet that features the energy efficient LED lighting the shoe storage, the side panels, and creates an ambience that makes you feel as if you’re standing in the middle of a luxury retail store. The key point that makes this piece of sheer luxury by California Closets stand out is that it ensures the CARB emission ratings are met and is beautifully environment friendly, since it uses recycled or recovered wood fiber to cut down on wastage. The metal used, accents to complement a luxurious colour palette, and its refined design with dramatic showcase lighting is what makes it purely a delight to your high-end standards. Get your own plush boutique home, and become the highlight of your circle.



Tesla Motors introduced another game changer after Powerwall – Powerwall2. It is a home energy storage device which also includes a ‘Fully Integrated Tesla Inverter’. This high-tech device has not only made lives easier but has also come up as a great eco-friendly device since it offsets the energy consumption at peak hours or use its stored solar energy at night. This smart device is what we can call an essential in luxury, since it is completely automated. It has a cloud-based web and is monitored using a mobile phone. With its ripping features, Powerwall2 is a necessity if we weigh up the need to conserve our energy and save the earth.


Vegetable Gardens and Orchards

No matter how times change, gardens and orchards will never go out of trend. Technology may replace everything but cannot replace the aesthetics of the nature. A vegetable garden not only also proves to be good for the planet but also adds to the beauty of your elegant homes. You can appoint a gardener if you are too caught up with work and other responsibilities and bring farm to your table and enjoy a fresh salad without any chemicals induced in it. Moreover, an orchard will give your home what it needs – a perfect doze of natural fragrances and aesthetic views to die for.


Eco-Friendly Furniture

Over 80% of furniture sold is doused in chemicals and toxins that can cause severe diseases like cancer, autism and learning disabilities in children. Not only has eco-friendly furniture become a need of the hour, but it also gives your home a rich and organic look dipped in luxury. If you’re looking for sustainable furniture, then make sure it is free of flame retardants. To do your bit in saving nature, make sure you buy furniture made of recycled or sustainable wood.


Mushlume Trumpet Pendant

A classic work of Danielle Trofe, who is famous for creating avant-garde sustainable designs, is Mushlume Trumpet Pendant. It is made with mushroom mycelium and agriculture waste to be later painted with non-toxic all-natural milk. It uses traditional hand-turned wood and is embellished with brass hardware. This handcrafted biodegradable map shade is the perfect addition to your luxurious abode and complements the understated elegance of your décor.


Tea-Leaf Dream Eco-Friendly Mattress

The softest of the entire collection by Keetsa, Tea-Leaf Dream, uses fire-retardant agents that contain no harmful substances. Rather, they use natural material such as green tea, to keep the mattress fresh, plant oil and hemp blend fabric to reduce VOC emissions and ensure better ventilation. Made of soft memory foam, it is the perfect mattress to sink in and relax after the exhaustion from a long hectic day. This plush mattress is truly what you deserve, since it befits the luxury and elegance of your lifestyle.

Choose to incorporate these luxuriously environment friendly add-ons to your breathtaking elegance and become the talk of the town. Go Green for the environment and for your body.