We may be well into spring, inching towards the scorching summer heat that April holds in store for us. But, that is no reason why your home cannot have a lovely makeover! If you had missed out on following the interior design trends that were predicted for 2019, back in December last, worry not. For, it’s never too late to start now!

Less is more can indeed be a very opulent mantra if you are planning to ace at the perfect luxury look for your home this year. That’s right, 2019 is all about minimalism; but with a twist! With the emergence of a new trend of warm minimalism, this is your chance to deftly combine the principles of minimalism with cosy and contemporary interiors that are all about rich textures, materials and hues. Here is what you can do to ensure your luxury pad stands apart from the crowd.

De-clutter and Clean Up

This may seem like a simple task, but we assure you it’s one of the most emotionally draining and difficult parts of ensuring your home turns into a plush haven. Piles of junk, clothes overflowing from wardrobes, toys, knick-knacks and the list just goes on and on. Sift through all this and ask yourself if you really need something. If you don’t, you know what you need to discard. And, once you have succeeded at discarding all that you no longer need, be sure to not clutter up again. Make room instead, for pieces of furniture or objects of utility.

Back to the Basics

Once you have decluttered your home and you know what piece of furniture fits its right place, you can go ahead and choose the colours for your walls. When it comes to lending a luxurious look to your walls, nothing spells greater grandeur than basic colours such as white, classic cream and sensual grey. These colours energise interiors and are capable of spreading the right amount of cheer and good vibes. Furthermore, they also serve fabulous, neutral backdrops that complement a range of furniture, upholstery, art, light fitments, etc.

Colour Me Subtle

Minimalistic luxury does not have to only imply walls in shades of white, cream or grey. You could also choose to use indigo or turquoise just as long as you know what you are trying to achieve. These shades of blue can work wonderfully well on some wall sections in the room, complemented by understated furniture. Alternatively, if you opt for the whites, creams and greys, you have the liberty to infuse colour subtly into the living spaces by strategically placing brightly upholstered furniture within the room. Think ‘ice cream colours’ to add that dash of restrained pop into your living space and watch the compliments flow.

Play with Texture

Nothing spells immense luxury as does gorgeous texture that complements neutral spaces. Textured walls, leather upholstery, beaded cushions and pillows, or a copper pendant lamp hung from the ceiling. These contrasting textures immediately bring the room to life and lend a cosy and lively character to the room.

The Return of the Boho

Vintage rugs, leather furniture, warm and bright colours, wooden tables and chairs and eclectic accents. These are just some of the neo-boho trends you can follow when doing up your luxury apartment. The Boho theme looks chic against neutral backgrounds and adds an unusual kind of class to your living space.

Keeping it Green

Plants and nature are everlasting trends for any interior design timeline. They always succeed in brightening up the living space and adding much needed warmth and a sense of immense wellbeing. Go generous with plants. Use them as accent pieces or stars of the room and watch them enhance your home décor.

Make space for new trends in your home with these décor tips. Welcome happiness.