With summer knocking your doors, it is the perfect time for you to perform some home maintenance & pre-fall cleaning of your house. If you have some deferred nurturing of your house pending or wish to spend your ideal time before your summer vacation striking off the checklist of your summer home maintenance, here’s something for you. So once you come back, you don’t have to get over your vacation nostalgia immediately & work on deep cleaning your house.

Here are some summer home maintenance tips that will leave your luxury apartments clean & also allow you to have plentiful time to enjoy the summer on your couch.

  1. Monitor Air-Condition & Cooling Units

    Of course, air-conditions or cooling units have become a must during summer time. It is soothing to have the hot air exhaled out of your house with the help of these cooling units, leaving cool air behind for you. If you are capable of handling small tasks like replacing the cooling filters then go on, DIY! Or you could call in professionals to perform a thorough check of your AC’s or cooling units to make sure they are all set & ready to run for the entire summer time.

  2. Summer Check

    Clean your fans & refrigerators nicely. Change or clean required filters, check your inverter batteries, smoke detectors, all the hoses & exterior faucets for leakages so there is no wastage of water. Very tiny pinholes can be covered by regular electrical tapes.

  3. House Hydration

    Wash your windows & curtain covers once in the summer season. Replace the curtains with some of lighter colors or lighter materials for better air flow. If you have an outdoor pool, make sure you empty it & clean the pool area once. Use the water that’s already there to water your plants.

  4. Dusting & Washing

    Deep clean your carpets & set up cloth lines outside for your clothes to bask the beautiful fragrance of summer shine!

  5. Clean Your Exteriors

    Clean the balcony or terrace space of your apartment. Sweeping & washing these areas will make your house more dust free. Stop the dirt at the door itself by putting up doormats that have a coarse exterior & a softer touch below to catch the dirt.

  6. Prepare Your Plants for Summer

    Ensure you do not leave the plants outside for a long time like you do on regular non-summer days. Excess of sunlight can dry up the plants. Water them daily & keep them outside for some time so they receive just enough amount of sunlight needed. Although not all kinds of plants dry out in summer, take utmost care of delicate plants. A Shade in Time, Saves Nine! You can also accommodate a shade over the area where you choose to grow your plants in your apartment.

Take up these tasks one day at a time, so you are not overwhelmed by them.
Change of seasons are also a calling for your apartment maintenance. These summer tips for homeowners are to keep their luxury apartments in a tip-top & neat shape.

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