“Let your home echo the story you want to share.”
The interior design you chose for your luxurious homes in Pune or other cities speaks bounds about you. It is a mirror of your lifestyle, a reflection of your beliefs and an image that one takes back with them.
If you are moving into a new apartment or just want to refurbish one to give it a finesse which is found in the luxury homes in Pune; you’ve come to the right place.
Here are some interior design trends of 2019 for your luxury homes.
This year has seen the emergence of some new trends, quite a few twists and also trends that have made a grand comeback. Here is a list of 6 trends that you can foster in your plans.

Cosy Minimalist

You surely must have come across the term ‘opposites attract’, this trend is the perfect example of it. A paradox of modern rustic & traditional elegance composes the aesthetic atmosphere in the house. Elements of Nature, Neutral shades, Functional Accessories are what you should keep in mind when you choose this.

Natural- Sustainable

Haven’t you heard?
Sustainable is the new Posh.
Keeping it natural invigorates the house and also the vibe within.
Sustainability is the need of the hour and following this trend sets a precedent to the lifestyle you advocate. Explore with materials like Jute, Cotton, Stone, Hemp, Concrete, Wood, Woven Pattern and Natural Plants,

Curvy is the new Chic

When it comes to furniture, curvy is In.
Keep the furniture artistic and curvy to express the free flow of energy within your apartment. Add a futuristic curve of bold colours and shape to your Sofa, Arm Chairs and Coffee Table.


Gold is Old but, guess what?
Golden is trending with a combination of foil and metallic.
Golden is the perfect colour that expresses regal, grandeur, prosperity and glamour. You can use it in every room, in the Washbasin, Cabinets, Lamps, Fixtures, Flower Vase, Cushion Covers, Throws and Wall decors.


Terrazzo has made a big comeback and made marbles, last season.
As versatile as it is, you can make use of it as Fabrics, Rug patterns, Accessories, Floor Tiles or even as wallpaper.

Matte Black or White

The contemporary Matte Black is a bold statement, not everyone is comfortable with. However, a combination of natural dark wood with black furniture is the look everyone desires. In contrast, the white or creme decor, with big mirrors to increase the grandeur is another style that you can opt for. The main element to choose your style should be after considering the natural lighting.

In urbanized cities like Pune, luxury homes are bound to follow these quirky trends. If you haven’t already started making changes in your interior design plans, It’s time you begin.