The year 2020, has brought along with it bags full of problems. Unprecedented situations keep coming our way, the biggest being the COVID-19 pandemic.

Living in a time where staying home is the only solution to safeguard yourself and others. We find people struggling to maintain their basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.

The aftermath of assessing this situation has established that owning a house is a safety net for a lifetime. After the extended period of lockdown and the struggles of the day, we find more and more people inclined to own a home now, rather than living on rent.

If you already own a home or are in search of the perfect abode, Here are some things you must not compromise to create a safe place for your long, comfortable stay.

1. Not Just Security, Added Safety!

Luxury properties in Pune and other locations across India are now using 3 point Security checks. This added layer of protection ensures the safety of everyone staying within the premise and enables a stress-free lifestyle, promoting an environment of well being.

Additional amenities like a dedicated concierge desk and servants room for live-in servants are the icings on the cake. They help to successfully cater to your luxuries while maintaining healthy guidelines for a safe environment. These amenities today, in a new normal world are much needed along with basic safety regulations.

2. Space

The need for more space is a rising demand in the market. Our altered lifestyles of staying indoors have gradually taught us the value of open spaces.

Ensure that when you own your home, it has ultra-spacious lobbies for more privacy. It must have a high open space to construction ratio for free-spirited energy and spacious apartments to expand your individual space. Many premium luxurious homes in Pune, like Castel Royale Towers, already provide huge bespoke apartments.

Is your home catering to your requirement? If not, maybe it’s time to reconsider where you would want to spend your life.

3. Amenities

When club grade amenities are available to keep you entertained, why would you want to step out of your safe space?

Had you imagined that you would spend months on end at your home? Well, most of us hadn’t. But, now that we are, we understand the pivotal role of amenities in our life.

Amenities are not just a luxury but a necessity for peaceful living.

Now is the best time to buy a house with amenities that help you relax, entertain and occupy yourself, all in one place. Just remember, the more the amenities, the better and safer the lifestyle in our new normal world.

Now is the best time to buy a home with all that is surfacing around us today.

Invest in a house for your family, carefully chosen to befit everyone’s desires. A castle of dreams that tuck you safely away, for the rest of your days, happily-ever-after.