A dreamy bathroom is a very intimate & personal affair in a home. The very little details like curtains, window pane, color, tiles, or storage can make a huge difference in changing the look of your bathroom.

We bring to you some tips on how to spruce up your bathroom on a budget & give it a luxurious look.

Install Vanities

It’s an absolute requirement to have cabinets or storage panels installed under the sink or on the walls of the bathroom. Choose subtle matching colors & light weight materials for bathroom storage solutions. Decluttering & reorganizing the placement of all the bathroom essentials & accommodation in storage spaces will help make the bathroom look more spacious.

Go Green Bathroom

Having a touch of greenery in not just your living rooms but also in your bathrooms gives a unique, natural gaze to your bathroom. Plant small plants near the window, on the cabinets, or decorate with money plant around the bathroom mirrors. If you love experimenting with the look, this is one of the really good bathroom decorating ideas on budget. Plantations are not expensive unlike high end bathroom styling ideas that needs costly implementation, & also add in more life.

Beautiful Tiling

Tiles are an important part that contribute to keeping the eye moving around in awe of the bathroom space. A beautiful stretch of smooth & colorful tiles look really attractive in a bathroom. Combination of colors like turquoise & black, pure black, pure white, or beautiful different shades of colors go a long way in adding to the look of the bathroom. If you choose to revamp your old bathroom, tiles will help lay off most of your work if you choose them wisely. Also, choose wisely on whether you want to cover the bathroom full with tiles or adapt a halfway tiling look.

Wall Colors

If you have based your bathroom on a theme, color the walls of the bathroom accordingly. Fresh & bright colors give out more feel good vibes. Color the pipelines that are installed on the walls.

Pop of surprise

You can always layer the walls with beautiful wallpapers. It is a bathroom interior decoration idea that is helpful when you want to do something creative on the bathroom walls but do not wish to paint it. Wallpapers come in as a handy option that also give a more designer look.

Theme! Theme! Theme!

Theme is not just limited to mixes & matches in living room, bedroom, & kitchen. This is something that most of the people prefer to opt when it comes to sprucing up bathroom spaces as well. Theme can be simply colors or color combination of different elements like tiles, storage cabinet colors, sink colors, or floor tiling & its color. Match all these to each other & get a beautiful & luxurious looking bathroom.

Make it functional

With your choices of towels or napkins, organize the accessories of your bathroom. Segregate them category wise- shampoos & liquids in cabinets or storage spaces, towels on multitasking shelves or hangers, & napkins on wooden stools besides the sink. Long wooden stools are also a good idea for placing the towels.

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