Pune’s Real Estate industry is on a soaring high and the urban transit systems have always played a fundamental role in socio-economic development of urban regions. It also has an influence over quality of living in urban areas. The 2 major factors that drive everyday life & social inclusion are mobility & accessibility.

The metro route has been an instrument for creating real estate around the city in the last 4 to 5 years. The impact of Metro on Pune Real Estate Industry has been observed as land values have highly increased, purchase for the purpose of use is increasing, & density of city-consumers around it is increasing.

It is a bliss to have a luxury apartment in Pune surrounded by greenery & with close vicinity to upcoming transit hubs. One such luxury projects in Pune is Castel Royale.

You can enjoy the ecstasy of an extravagant living with our premium flats in Pune.

Here’s why having a transport hub in your city is a deciding fulcrum when you venture in real estate

  • Improved connection of localities
  • High urban mobility
  • Organized & ease of commuting for city dwellers & tourists
  • More premium facilities in a well-connected neighborhood
  • IT Parks
  • Business hubs developed around transport hubs

For an everyday city-consumer, it means

  • Travel time savings
  • Vehicle cost savings
  • Transit option value

All this leading to environmental conservation which is the prime duty of one & all. Ease of access to business hubs & residential homes for civilians, all built & being developed around the Pune Metro Route.

The route covers most of the important residential and commercial areas of Pune. All these factors result in an increase in land value in the vicinity of the Metro Project. People willingly venture in real estate around such urbanized areas as it brings them the ease & convenience in their lives. Residences in the close periphery will also witness a rise in demand to accommodate the spill from a growing density of the population. Not just real estate properties, but new frameworks like entertainment centers, shopping complexes, & restaurants will also be developed to entertain city-consumers needs. All this makes the urge to live around such highly developed areas even stronger.

The Metro Network is a blessing for Pune’s rich city-lights & the living becomes even more worth the value with residence in luxury apartments.