ABIL Group, one of the top builders in Pune, has been redefining the concept of luxury real estate in India. And, while the real estate magnate offers the most superior of amenities and infrastructure, it has also been consistently delivering a truly luxurious experience to customers, since the past four decades.

So, what exactly are the defining features that set ABIL Group apart as a leading developer ranking high on the luxury quotient? To begin with, projects across residential, commercial, hospitality and infrastructure sectors are all backed by a robust and well-defined long-term vision. By deftly combining flexibility with an inherent risk-bearing appetite, ABIL Group provides tremendous value to customers, through innovation and an unrelenting passion for excellence in everything they do. These core values are amply represented by the state-of-the-art amenities and facilities that the brand provides across all its projects.

A Splendid Lifestyle

Whether it is Castel Royale or Verde Residence Collection, Imperial Atria or Avaanti Residences, the amenities that ABIL Group provides at each of these luxury apartment projects in Pune are incomparable. From wide-ranging amenities such as swimming pools with kids’ pools, sophisticated exercise and wellness facilities comprising of world-class equipment, to cafes, ABIL Group ensures that luxury seeps deep into every aspect of life at any of their projects. But, it’s not just what’s on the outside that counts; every single premium apartment too is an epitome of understated luxury, with specifications that ensure utmost safety along with style.

Your Home at Your Finger Tips

One of the highlights of living in a luxury apartment by ABIL Group is the futuristic feature of Home Automation. At the touch of a screen, residents can control the manner in which lights can be switched on-off and curtain movements can be remotely controlled. Video door phones installed outside each apartment, allow residents to choose who they would like to permit into their apartments. The use of technology outside the apartments in the common areas too is telling of the ultra-modern electronic amenities ABIL Group provides to its customers.

Green Luxury

If you thought that luxury can only be in the form of material amenities, then think again! Because, when ABIL Group develops luxury projects, luxury extends to even the greenscapes and the sustainable manner of developed. Castel Royale for example, has been awarded the IGBC Green Homes Platinum award in 2016 by the Indian Green Building Council, for being a constructed keeping the environment in mind. But look beyond certified ratings, and it’s hard to miss that these premium apartments are privy to a life of verdant luxury, brought about by the lush acres that abound.

In conclusion, ABIL Group offers a lifestyle of unparalleled privileges. Blending world-class construction with some of the best amenities and infrastructural services, ABIL Group multiplies value for customers immensely by providing some of the best experiences there are to be had.