When we think of designing our home, we easily overlook the need to put an extra effort in making the doors look above ordinary. We all choose doors that sit comfortably with the interior of our choice, without leaving any scope for creative experiments. But is it really the right thing to do if you are trying to make your home stand out? Sometimes, to stand out, we need to experiment and come out of our comfort zone to try different things. But the hit and trial method, while designing your home, usually fails because it takes a great deal of time to incorporate various styles, and then change them completely with changing trends in the world of interior designing. So we have come up with some really stunning ideas for your doors because your home should look nothing less than perfect.

  1. Cover them with wallpaper
    If your doors look plain and boring, then worry not! Wallpapers have come to the rescue. Gone are the days when wallpapers were meant only for the walls. The latest trend in home designing is giving your doors a lick of fun. Wallpapers lend colour, print, and texture to your doors and also complement the rest of the décor if chosen wisely. Moreover, you can cover the wardrobe doors as well with a wallpaper that complements the walls. This promises to create a harmony within all the elements of your interior and makes the place look well appointed.
  1. Camouflage
    If there is a door which looks out of place and is taking away the liberty to paint the entire wall to create an artwork, then paint the door as well. A good lick of paint can turn any boring door into an appealing one. You can paint the door, trim and the wall, with the same colour, this would camouflage the door and bring a great aesthetic value to the interior. You can paint the door and the wall to create a mural with different colours. The synchronization of the colours needs to be well planned. This will immediately turn a boring door into a piece of art.
  1. Chalk them up
    Chalking the doors up is as easy as it can be. Painting the door black will augment the charm of chalk on it. You can easily draw anything that comes in your mind and it would immediately add a quirky allure to the once boring door. You can also let children experiment with their bedroom doors. This would give the place a more intimate and personalized effect.
  1. Accessorize them
    Before accessorizing the plain door, paint it with a striking colour. Colour plays a major role since it decides whether the door would look elegant or just quirky. If you paint the door in a dark colour and add a ceiling medallion, it would reflect elegance. You can later accessorize it using a shiny hardware, possibly some studs around the door. This is the best way to customize a door when you are looking for something that exudes a majestic sense of elated design.

These are simple ways to bring life to your interior. If you have made a mistake choosing the right door, then go ahead, and transform it into something you wish to see.