Home aesthetics and placement of things is very much like making a particular space with your signature. You need to be vigilant while customizing your home interiors as it will be futile to just clutter it up with expensive things without it being able to reflect the ambience you so much desire. You must design your house beyond just the perfunctory aspect of looks. The design must fulfil utilitarian and functional needs, at the same time it must appeal to your desire for identity and actualization. Here are some of the tips that you could put to good use, to give those finishing touches to your home that makes it a place redolent with your personality and your suavity.

Furniture & Lights

Furniture and the lighting bring a lot of utilitarian value to the room. The purpose and task of a room are pivotal in deciding the lights that need to be used. If it is a living room which incorporates your home theatre and it is meant for more passive usage, then a light arrangement that is subtle, subdued and not jarringly in your face is recommended for that soothing ambience needed to relax and unwind. If it is a library or a study, then more functional lights placed at a lower height, which would cast direct light on the epicentre of your activity, be it a study table or a bookshelf, is recommended.
Apart from being functional, your furniture also makes a statement about you. It is a personification of your tastes and your aspirations. Too much of it will make the room look cluttered, also it will be overpowering on the eyes; too little of it will give an empty, inadequate feel and that won’t work either. You need to strike the right balance between curated artefacts that look aesthetic and flamboyant, without compromising on the sense of purpose that they are associated with. You might also want to take a regular stock of your things and de-clutter things which no longer fulfil a need or are obsolete in terms of being in vogue, keeping in line with the changing trends.

Interiors and colour blends

Internal furnishing and arrangements done the right way, set the underlying tone and the mood of your space. If you are a calm person who prefers their solitude and have a holistic approach towards your surroundings then use of subtle colours is recommended in line with your temperament. If you are more of a gregarious and exuberant person, you may use more lively and bright colours that define your lively disposition. You could also choose colours and hues based on the functional aspects of the room. In bedroom you could do with more subtle shades of blue, green, pink. In the kitchen you could do with something on the yellow side, a color that keeps you charged up and buoyant with energy.

  • Make sure to keep your background colours in sync with your primary disposition or your persona.
  • Make sure that there is a certain consistency in the color schemes you use which does not strike a discordant feel and is easy on the eyes.
  • Try to add motifs and curios that complement the overall color scheme and also accentuate the primary effect that these colours exude.

At Castel Royale, we understand the need for being able to tailor your space in according to your persona, your disposition, your moods, and your world view. Our Apartments offer the flexibility you need to customize your space and transform it to make it a reflection of yourself and your family.