The way we dress, what we eat, and the people we associate with, are often all reflections of our very own personalities. We choose to identify with these because they seem so close to our own unique temperaments and make us feel at rest. Naturally, when it comes to buying our dream homes too, we invest in those that best suit and mirror our taste for specific choices in life.

With the concept of luxury homes becoming increasingly popular, people don’t just buy lavish apartments that they can keep their families comfortable in or flaunt to their friends and relatives, but they also choose those that are reflect their personalities. Castel Royale by ABIL Group is one such indulgent project that offers home buyers 3 and 4 BHK luxury apartments in Pune that are very natural extensions of the residents’ personalities. ABIL Group raises the bar with Castel Royale, with their offering of luxury homes in Pune. Adhering to exceptional global standards, they provide design features and amenities like none-other and enable Castel Royale to redefine the concept of luxury and magnificence.

20 Acres of Royalty and Grandeur

When you own a home at Castel Royale, you also have the chance to bask in the glory of nature’s many wonders. Touching upon your introspective self, the sprawling grounds of Castel Royale offer immense lush retreats, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The magnificent 20 acres of verdant landscape also overlook the stunning 411 acres of the Pune University campus. Indeed, a chance to live in the lap of serene luxury!

A Lavish Homecoming

Within the sleek towers at Castel Royale reside every conceivable luxury that can meet the eye. Delivering the highest levels of refinement, your luxury home at Castel Royale helps you unwind at the end of each day, in a manner that most befits your personality. From luxurious verdant views outside to a majestic sense of space and height, Castel Royale is the epitome of grandeur. Each spacious room of your indulgent home at Castel Royale personifies true elegance. From finely finished modular cabinetry in the kitchen to marble flooring in all the rooms, including the bathrooms, wooden flooring in the master bedroom, home automation at the touch of a screen and air conditioning in the apartment, your home at Castel Royale is what you will delight yourself as you flaunt it.

An Unforgettable Destination

It’s not just the interiors of your apartment that spell luxury. The grounds of Castel Royale are teaming with bespoke amenities that are befitting of your social status too. From a billiards table to a board games room, a state-of-the-art gymnasium to a yoga and meditation area, along with an exclusive steam and sauna facility, every nook and cranny of Castel Royale offers a little something for everybody. But, that’s not all! The basketball court, tennis and badminton courts and the swimming pool are just perfect places to unwind and exercise, for those who have fitness on top of their minds.

Located in the heart of Pune city, yet away from the daily humdrum, it’s hardly a wonder that Castel Royale wins hands down as against other residential projects in the city. Life at Castel Royale affords you the luxury to now own the address and residence that reflects your own exacting standards and discriminating tastes for the finest that life has to offer.