January! Time for a brand-new year and even newer resolutions. It’s that wonderful time, which gives us the perfect opportunity to usher in some positivity and goodness into our lives, with the hope that the rest of the year will pass off blissfully. And, one of the many ways to ensure this is to go in for a total overhaul of our living spaces. And, while we are at it, it makes sense, to begin with our homes, where we choose to spend our maximum waking hours.

Every year, designers and industry professionals come up with a list of ‘What’s In’ and ‘What’s Out’, as they predict décor trends that are befitting of your gorgeous abode. ‘Colors of the Year’, furniture styles, wall paints, and papers, accessories and fitments, kitchen cabinets; the list is endless! And, they all make it to the coveted lists of design trends that we can look forward to year after year. So, let’s see what 2019 has in store for your splendid homes.

Black or White

Life indeed can sometimes be just plain black or white! That is if you want to incorporate one of 2019’s important trends into your living spaces. Providing a sense of balance owing to their sharp contrasting natures, black and white are all set to enter your already lavish flats, spelling a certain understated boldness alongside. Black and white shower tiles, striped ceilings, kitchen tiles, garden planters; there’s so much you can do with black and white. White in its many forms has a luminous quality, which adds radiance to a room, while black complements its (white’s) starkness and completes the living space by lending a sense of warmth. The cherry on the cake is an enchanted life that some of the premium apartments in Pune such as Castel Royale have to offer. If you are one of the lucky few to reside here, then we recommend you go right ahead and furnish your luxury apartment in black and white. After all bold moves count the most!

Lushness Inside and Outside

Life in the city can sometimes make it difficult to revel in the green cover that we seek ever so often. But fear not, because one of 2019’s endearing trends is all about recreating lush green spaces within your luxury apartments. These can also be in the form of vertical gardens that can easily be created on building walls. At Castel Royale, which is renowned for luxury apartments in Pune, you get a chance to revel in the wonders of verdant luxury both inside and outside your home. While vast expanses of lush hillscapes greet you from your lavish sit-out spaces, your very own green patch of flora forms the perfect backdrop for an indulgent life. You can go a step further and complement these with some wonderfully natural materials such as stone, copper, and granite that lend a sense of serenity to your home. Our verdict; go right ahead, plant a garden and show-off your green fingers!

Drama in the Kitchen

Move over white cabinetry, it’s time to make way for bright colours and bold patterns! 2018 saw simple monochromatic colours used in abundance across kitchen cabinets. 2019, in sharp contrast, is all about creating a little drama in the heart of your home – the kitchen! Bold coloured kitchen cabinetry in wonderful hues of deep or grey-washed blues and greens paired with graphic tiles, create a powerful impact. With aesthetic brassware, fixtures and handles completing the entire look for your very versatile kitchen in 2019, make sure you pack some ‘pop’ and some ‘punch’ in there too! After all, luxury apartments such as yours, deserve only the very best!

Sustainability is the Key to Happy Living

There can be nothing as endearing as going back to your roots and incorporating myriad items made from natural material, into your everyday life. Jute, clay, rice paper, just about any material that is sustainable, make perfect sense to introduce to your décor in 2019. Handmade pieces of art, handicrafts, upholstery and linen; there is absolutely no end to the number of natural products you can make a part of your home to help you feel grounded and absolutely in touch with your roots. There’s also nothing quite like the luxury of your own private swimming pool. But, even better is your very own all-green, chemical-free swimming pool. Perfect for some summer fun!

Sleep Like a King

More than three decades ago, four-poster canopy beds used to be quite the rage. Now, in 2019, this trend is slowly tiptoeing back into our lives. Designers attribute this trend to the uncertain times we live in, which is compensated by the security and coziness of a four-poster bed. Large, with minimally minded canopies, these beds are like comforting oasis. And, since they are usually quite slim and not heavy, they seamlessly fit into living spaces.

From floral patterns to copper accents, brass accessories to velvet furnishing, artisanal fixtures, and rich colour palettes, 2019 is all set to be a year of getting out of one’s comfort zone and delving into the extraordinary. Pair any of these elegant trends with the Pantone Color of the Year 2019 – Living Coral, and your plush pad will surely be a beauty to behold!
Happy Decorating your way into 2019!