When cities across the globe were hit by the unforeseen pandemic, life changed overnight. The little everyday things that we took for granted—leaving our homes for school, work or leisure, visiting family, friends all came at a standstill. Our homes are the only refuge that protects us. That is when we felt the impact of luxury apartments redefining community living.

Many prestigious real estate organizations like the ABIL Group Pune upheld their values of community living with the combination of their progressive outlook to life- while designing their projects like Castel Royale Excellente. This became the quick road to paradise for residents with perfect space to elevate the quality of living.

How is community living redefined in such luxurious properties?

In the new normal present, such luxury properties in Pune have provided home-dwellers with the opportunity to delight in the daily life experiences in their uniquely designed spaces. Living here is beyond existing and making every moment count. The lavishly designed open spaces give everyone ample space to casually socialize. Surrounded by the lush expanse and equipped with the choicest amenities that the city has to offer. Luxury is redefined with such gated communities that welcome you to a refreshing & inspiring take on life.
The bespoke ultra-luxury apartments here uphold the vision of blending community living & personal spaces, a balance of work and entertainment, and convenience in the everyday. The 20 + key-amenities perks they offer means, there’s never a dull day!

What you fancy, you do, with no restraints!

Here are some of the impressive facilities that have redefined living.

Unique Facilities

The redefining facilities revamp your lifestyle. Experience the pleasures of life found within your gated premises. The in-house steam and sauna facilities, multipurpose room and the uber-luxurious gym inspire a communal lifestyle that is fit and nurturing. These facilities invite rejuvenation and comfort at home.

Banquet Hall

When life demands new aspects like social distancing and maintaining low contact, the banquet at Castle Royal offers a safe and communal open space. The living community can safely socialize and connect within their comfort and safety.

Playful Living

Most luxury properties in Pune like Castle Royale offer a balanced work and play lifestyle. They have various facilities like a Board Games Room, Badminton Court, Billiard Table, Kids Play Area and Swimming Pool for adults and kids. Having all these facilities right within your gated community encourages community members to celebrate every day.

Top-Notch Security Measures

The most important perks of living in a gated community are the cushioning of security and safety that comes along with it. Luxurious properties in Pune like Castle Royale already host a team of excellent A+ security and staff that enhance comfort and reduce stress. They provide the living community with the stress-free lifestyle they desire.

Luxury of Space

As majestic as a community experience sounds, Castle Royale upholds the vision. It provides all the comforts and support of the community while also keeping your privacy a priority. The high life that it offers is curated with thoughtfully designed spaces. The bespoke apartments, vast and spacious lobbies and communal zones give everyone the liberty to live life on their terms. Unlike most luxury apartments in Pune, Castel Royale Excellente has truly redefined community living. From the green, lush ambience that surrounds the premium amenities, everything here nurtures a community living experience that makes a difference.