The current global scenario has taught us the value of health and the need to prioritize healthy living. The rising concerns for modern-day society are caused due to the imbalanced lifestyle choices that add stress, frustration and leave us with no time for self-care; promoting an unhealthy environment.

The only solution for this problem is a shift in consciousness to redefine living. Castel Royale, a luxury property in Pune, has taken this leap.

It is encouraging a lifestyle that promotes health, fitness, overall wellness with a balanced, preventive and proactive approach to life. Living in such luxurious apartments in Pune means ease of accessibility to world class amenities, bespoke spaces and a lifestyle that truly cherishes you. The healthy life they offer with a positive environment & the support of a community has become the indicating definition of luxury.

Healthful living is a luxury.

It is no more limited to no-illness, but rather, conscious lifestyle choices that alter your state of mind for the harmony of your physical and mental self. This means taking care of your body with regular exercise, keeping your mind at peace with Yoga and Meditation, detoxing at the Steam Room and connecting to nature, living amongst a community of support and leading an uncompromising life. This is a typical day for you, living in a luxury property like Castel Royale.

This new age concept is thoughtfully designed to offer a life of comfort that best suits your health with convenience.

Are you caught wondering about the luxurious indulgence that Castel Royale offers for health? Here’s to name a few.


The bespoke apartments are designed to honour your style and privacy. The open areas in the apartment and outside like the lobby give every resident the liberty to live carefree with healthy boundaries. It also encourages you to utilize your space with decisions that promote a healthy environment for you.

Want an indoor garden or a green meditation zone; the choice is yours.

Hi-Tech Convenience

The new-age conveniences of technology like home automation, give you access to make choices that are best for your health and wellness.

Key Health Amenities

Healthy living is supported by various lifestyle choices that are available in premium spaces.

Luxury property like Castel Royale is equipped with World Class Gymnasium that inspires you to cater to your physical health. The different games room as well as the sports area for Billiards, Badminton and Children’s Play area keep the environment healthy and promote fitness of mind and body. The Yoga and Meditation, Multipurpose room is a place for solitude, to reflect and stretch. Practice yoga and meditate for balancing your health. The steam and swimming pool helps you restore and refresh from the everyday and indulge your senses for health and happiness.

Nature’s Therapy

Luxury homes in Pune just like Castel Royale at Bhosale Nagar offer a sequestered space to revive with the greenery around. They value the benefits of natural healing properties of the nature that surrounds you. Designing spaces surrounded by life and vitality; to create a lifestyle that soothes your mind with positive energy and wellness.

Luxury living offers you a life of ease, comfort and peace, with a lifestyle that encourages you to choose health every day. Offering all such amenities to residents, Castel Royale is truly set a mark for Healthy Living as a statement of Luxury.