In a world that is constantly evolving, new-age homeowners are on a lookout for the next best thing to elevate their lifestyle. Luxurious Homes in Pune are now redefined by the innovation and advancement in architecture.

So, let’s take a look at some of the new trends that 2020 is inviting!

  • Sustainable Development in Architecture
    Our society is moving towards a greener sphere by committing to sustainable development and sustainable practices in architecture. It is a style statement and a social manifestation of a progressive space. The use of recyclable materials, self-sufficient buildings with installations like solar heaters and organic compounds try to reduce the negative impacts of the building on the environment. Sustainable Architecture is the montage of contemporary designs with environment-friendly modernized technology that creates a sub-system of its own.
  • Smart Homes
    The imminent architectural buildings are the ones with a thoughtfully laid out plan that has your comfort as a priority. Energy automation, such as light, temperature and other aspects make your space a comfortable haven. Smart Architectural homes bring you the greatest luxuries in the most minimalist manners.
  • Maximizing Outdoor Spaces
    It’s all about the rejuvenating and scenic outdoor spaces in the contemporary architectural designs. Verandas, Terraces, Mezzanines, Patios, and Terraces are making a big come-back to enhance the aesthetics of natural beauty. All these spaces can be used throughout the year by customizing the space to your penchant.
  • Versatile Compositions
    Pune Luxury Homes like Castel Royale Towers provide bare shell compositions that give you the privilege of devising the character of your space. No premium apartment goes beyond this! These versatile spaces create a multipurpose experience, encompassing diverse areas of your home to elevate your lifestyle, by eliminating the constricting partitions. Versatile architecture makes practical use of every space refurbished to appease your taste.

These trends in Architecture are taking up the market in 2020!

Many of these parameters are found in Luxury Homes in Pune that are taking opulent lifestyle a step beyond and defining the criterion of some of the prestigious trends of this decade.