Luxury does not only suggest the chic outlook of your home, but it more significantly suggests the comfort and convenience at the core. And a magnificent example is Castel Royale by ABIL Group. It is truly said that more than the pleasing sights, it is the experience that matters. Out of many luxury projects in Pune, Castel Royale is one such name that stands above them all. Let’s discuss all the comfortable and wholesome experiences that it has to offer.

Treat to the Eyes

Castel Royale very well justifies the phrase ‘love at first sight’, because just a glance at it and the beauty settles in your heart. The façade displays a tasteful flair and the interiors are chosen carefully to lend the space a great sense of uniqueness. Spacious rooms, an abundance of light and elaborate design make it stand out. The master bedroom opens to a balcony to let you steal some moments ofpeace every day. The special attention to design along with a good care for sensory experiences makes Castel Royale one of the finest luxury residential projects in Pune.

5-Star Amenities

When your home virtually embodies a luxury vacation stay, then what else is needed? Castel Royale promises an enviable lifestyle since it offers its residents the ultra-luxury amenities that are only dreamt of. The in-house steam and sauna facilities let them rejuvenate at any time without having to book appointments. The uber-modern gymnasium saves residents the pain of hitting the gym every morning. The yoga and meditation area offers a tranquil environment to connect to self. Out of all the luxury apartments for sale in Pune, Castel Royale has become the first choice of buyers.

For Kids!

While Castel Royale offers amenities for adults to relax, it also majorly focuses on kids’ amenities.There is a separate pool for kids so that every weekend they splash their burden of school away. The safe and separate play area for toddlers is a burst of fun for them and a great relief for the parents.Moreover, it offers a tennis court, table tennis and a board games room where teenagers can learn and grow consistently. It is truly a destination for people of all ages.

A Wrap of Green

Castle Royale is nestled within the natural setting of lush greenery that covers an expansive 20 acres.It overlooks the 411 acres of Pune University Campus. A melange of nature and luxury separates Castel Royale regally from other luxury apartments in Pune. It offers its residents peaceful mornings and beautifully breathtaking evenings.

There are many reasons for choosing a right home for yourself but we often compromise believing that it is impossible to get everything you want in your home. But Castel Royale has successfully burst that myth.