All You Need to Know About Ashok Nagar

All You Need to Know About Ashok Nagar

Pune is certainly a paradise for anybody who loves nature and its calm. An elegant modern-day life with an envelope of nature – life in Pune is certainly nothing short of heaven if you choose a right location to call your home. There are a select few addresses that every Punekar wishes to reside at, and one of those desirable addresses is
Ashok Nagar. It is one of the most premier locations of Pune and is an address for the elite. You can find a great variety of apartments in Ashok Nagar that would very well suit your requirements. After all, the location itself is the main charm. Pune is known as one of the fastest developing real estate markets in India and the reason that Pune is covered with lush beauty plays a pivotal role in the expansion of its real estate industry.

The abundance of green and the standards of convenience have led to the construction of many flats in Ashok Nagar, Pune. The trees lined up symmetrically, ambushing the vast sky, accentuated by towering buildings and artistic old bungalows – the sight of Ashok Nagar is simply euphoric. Another great reason that the flats in Ashok Nagar experience such a huge demand is the unimaginable convenience. It is at the center of almost everything you would
need from eminent schools, hospitals, and malls, to sublime gardens and gurdwara.

Ashok Nagar is easily accessible and enjoys propinquity to Bhosale Nagar which is another great location to have a home at. Moreover, it is not at all far from the best tourist destinations that are definitely worth a visit. Pune is bestowed with a stirring past. And interestingly, Ashok Nagar is only a 16 min ride to Shaniwar Wada which is just 1 km from Pataleshwar Cave Temple. Shanivar Wada was built in 1732 and is steeped in the tragic history of Peshwa-Bajirao, a Maratha emperor.
Aga Khan Palace also holds great importance in the Indian history since it was a jail for many freedom fighters including Mahatma Gandhi. And this significant destination is only a 20- min ride from Ashok Nagar. These must visit destinations exude a sense of calm and depict the intricate colonial details. Ashok Nagar is an ideal location for anybody who wishes to know the great historical details and yet live in a burgeoning neighbourhood.

Another great perk of owning one of the apartments in Ashok Nagar is the ease of accessibility. You do not have to cover long distances just to get grocery. There are manynearby malls and one-point shopping centers that would make your life easy. Ashok Nagar also enjoys the proximity to unrivalled schools. Euro Kids for toddlers has made parents’ life easy. And the proximity to senior schools is an add-on. Gurukul is amongst the most famous schools in the area that boasts of its quality education and emphasis on life lessons. What else do parents need, right? Among all these benefits, the one that simply can’t be avoided is the Osho Garden which is roughly 3 Km from Ashok Nagar. If at any point in the day, you feel that you need to breathe in some serenity, then drive to the nearby Osho Garden and feel the true beauty of nature surrounding you. Ashok Nagar is one of the best and the most premium locations in Pune and there is no lie in saying that its development has picked up a great pace. So, book your dream home in Ashok Nagar and live the finest life cradled in comfort and peace.

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