Maharashtra Government announced the great news that the stamp duty obligation will be sliced till December 31 2020. For people chasing properties and houses, this news has come as a silver lining to all. A fine time to book, buy, or move into a new house is now!

The Indian festival seasons coming our way unite to make buying a house an even better decision. These few but fortunate remaining months of 2020 will make us forget the rough patch we hit at the beginning of the year.

There are also long-standing changes that we’ll need to make in our lives post this pandemic. Home- a haven of safety, comfort, and convenience, has never seemed so important. The lockdown during the pandemic has made many re-evaluate their choice of living spaces. It has led to a landmark shift in housing, upgrading, or moving to bigger homes. Families and family members now need spaces to be together but apart.

Having experienced working from home, larger or separate rooms seem like a good idea now. The ease of working at home adds to more family time and self-engagement activities.

With so many conditions in favor, domestic home buyers can leverage the reductions in several areas like lesser interest on home loans, lesser stamp duty, lesser inventory, and best properties available in the current market. While the stamp duty has been reduced only till December, the real estate market conditions are expected to improve heavily post that. Chances are that there will be greater price hikes in 2021. We might not get to pick amongst the finest choices in 2021.

It’s like a cherry on the top for home buyers in cities like Pune and Mumbai. Home buyers in Pune will get the best deals with the best prices and save tremendously on single-unit residences. If we use this time to our benefit, we’ll be able to land luxurious properties like ones at Castel Royale Towers in our court.

World-class amenities and the perfect location of being established amidst the greenery make living at Castel Royale Towers a delight! They provide unparalleled value to life. Social life and leisure time becomes amusing with the vicinity to transport and entertainment centers.

Embracing the creative outlook of modern homes, premium apartments here are built to uplift you to a peaceful and plush lifestyle- which has become the need of the year 2020. Your new normal in 2021 will mean a better and elevated lifestyle at Castel Royale Towers.