2018 Décor Trends to Look Out For

2018 Décor Trends to Look Out For

It’s just a couple of days before new year, and the latest design trends have already started gracing homes. Every year, there is a set of colours that dominates our home interiors, and a few add-ons to make the place stand out. Some eye-catching trends will be followed in 2018 too, and people just can’t seem to wait. The year 2018 is the year of harmony, cultural embrace and the balance. Hence the design trends should also augment the core essence of seeing potential in every disposition in the year 2018.

2018 is going to weigh down towards keeping the ecological balance and comfort. Hence, earthen trends and minimal décor ideas would dominate design trends this coming year. However, there are still a few things to avoid before you set out to give your home a new and cozy appeal.

Bid these Décor Ideas Goodbye

A lot of quirky and smiting trends ruled the world of Interior designs for a couple of years, and some even more. But it’s time to get over the old and prevailing trends and do some real play with the new winners of Home décor.

  • Avoid copper and rose gold. Use silver for a trending metallic finish
  • Ditch millennial pink! Ultra Violet is all set to take over old colour trends.
  • Avoid plain white kitchen spaces. Colours will perk up your place for a vibrant 2018
  • Sharp edges of furniture are a big no, since the year 2018 is all about comfort and serenity.

Homes that Reflect your Comfort

Do go through the list of trends that would embrace the world of interior décor and build yourself a home that reflects your comfort and modern taste.

Retro-modern Metal Furniture – Metallic furniture in home décor trends keeps coming back but with a regally improvised version every time. This year shiny metal especially silver, is going to take the décor world by storm. Minimal metallic furniture with curved edges is highly trending. Its combination with wood and indoor plants will make your house look connected to nature and will suffuse calmness.


Earthen Finish – A simpler life rooted in nature and lushness is what 2018 seems to look like. With the ever-increasing pace of life, the need to stay connected to nature and maintain an ecological balance has been realised more. Hence, home décor trends are highly dominated by organic material and traditional handicrafts. Organic luxury resonates with a sense of wellbeing and is gaining momentum in the décor world.


Dark and Walnut Woods – Dark wood is perfect to complement the earthen finish and has recently been seen replacing the Scandinavian style. Dark and walnut woods also perfectly adjunct with the Japanese Wabi Sabi philosophy, which means finding perfection in imperfection. The magnificent blackened surface effect goes perfectly well with almost everything you add to your house. This trend may stay popular for a long time.


Statement Floors and Ceilings – Creating a unique space in an otherwise familiar space is what we all look for. After all, who does not like being known for doing something out of the box? A variety of floors including ash, soap-washed pine and other custom floors will replace the regular marble and wooden floors, in the year 2018. Accentuated ceilings with 3D patterns will become popular and will be complemented with upholstered furniture and wood crafts. The detailed yet elegant finish is what will take the luxury quotient higher, padded with comfort and class.


Comfort in Colours – Colours are emblematic of happiness and liveliness. And the year 2018 is all about creating harmony and coherence in everyday life. Hence, the use of vibrant colours in home décor will trend and persist. Bold statement colours bring a Mediterranean flair to any home. And the colours that will capture the hearts include green, powdery pink, red, turquoise, ultra violet, and burnt natural tones.


Bring in Some Green – Incorporating greenery is the perfect way to maintain an ecological balance and embrace harmony because plants not only accentuate the décor of a home, but also bring in positivity making people feel amazingly refreshed and determined. Walls with huge art pieces and paintings also take the royal finesse a few notches higher, and complement your greens well. Succulents in an array of green shades create an eclectic country living environment and have become part of luxurious and composed lifestyle.


Gift your home a fresh tint of the latest trends and make the coming year a memorable one. Follow these latest trends and revamp your home around your comfort zone.

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